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Welcome to our Mozambique Travel and Tours Blog. Here you can find useful and detailed information about Travel in Mozambique as well as tours in Mozambique.

It is a collaborative work among several agents of the industry with the aim of improving the experience of those who visit our country.

The tourist potential of Mozambique is immense, it is a safe, friendly country with more than 3000 kms of coastline, several safari reserves, some still untouched, a fascinating ancestral culture, and an African rhythm brushed of Indian, Arab and western culture.

In terms of territory, Mozambique is one of the biggest countries in Africa and it borders South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania.

It’s called many times as the “Indic pearl”.

From Maputo (river in the south) to Rovuma (river in the north) the country has so much to offer. From the best surf on the eastern coast in Ponta do Ouro and Calanga beach. The best dive sites in Tofo where you can swim with whale sharks in the wild. The memorable snorkeling that you can do in the archipelago of Bazaruto, surrounded by dugongs that still find refuge here. The true safari, in unique eco-systems in Gorongosa, Zinave and Niassa. The smell of history you can still feel on the island of Mozambique. The long empty beaches in Pemba and the pristine paradise of the Quirimbas archipelago. The beauty of the Gurué’s tea plantations. The immensity of the “sea that is born in the land” called Lake Niassa, and much, much more.

We hope you find here what you need to make your visit even brighter.

Maputo special reserve tour

Maputo Special Reserve: where the largest Mozambique animals meet

Mother Nature was a great artist when created life. We try to understand her by invading her privacy, looking for answers to our infinite curiosity, questioning her works of art and, many times, we simply forget to enjoy her and contemplate her beauty, reflected at it’s best by the Mozambique animals and ecosystem we can...
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Things to do in vilanculos

9 things to do in Vilanculos, by Larry Lardner M

Discover 9 things to do in Vilanculos, that you really, can not miss while exploring the area. Of the many coastline towns of Mozambique, Vilanculos boasts the largest accumulation of tourist-centric facilities and services. There are a number of cafes, restaurants and shops that cater for tourists and locals alike. Vilanculos also serves as the...
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Two swiss ladies, two weeks in Mozambique

With two weeks in Mozambique, to discover this amazing country (wich some people we spoke to did not know where to locate on a map) we had to make choices. After long thoughts we decided to go for the coast. Our main questions were: should we drive ourselves (we love doing that) or should we...
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Why anyone should go on a trip to Maputo?

Every city has its magic and Maputo could not be the exception; there is a dosage of charm that comes beyond its rich architecture, reworking itself between the old and the new, the traditional and modern, the colonial and the post-colonial; the city exudes beauty and a unique touch that reveals itself in the colors...
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zinave national park

Zinave National Park, by Fernando Mendes

As part of the Mozambican component of the Limpopo Transfrontier conservation area, Zinave National Park has, finally, a brilliant future ahead. After decades of devastating war and uncontrolled poaching, it is now recovered in a joint effort of ANAC and Peace Parks Foundation. Inhambane province is known for its amazing beach sites such as Tofo,...
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Things to do in Maputo

Things to do in Maputo | Free guide by Denilson Charviss

Here is a tour guide about things to do in Maputo. If can’t do it with us feel free to do it on your own. Find a trustworthy txopela or walk, it’s a welcoming city 🙂 Things to do in Maputo: 1º Point to visit: Igreja Santo António da Polana; The Igreja de Santo António...
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Dunes de dovela

Dunes de Dovela: a story of tourism that benefits to the surrounding community by Alexandra Polleau

Situated at 80 kms south of Inhambane, Dunes de Dovela is Southern Mozambique’s only eco lodge surrounded by virgin coastal woodland. After a beautiful 4X4 track criss crossing some rural villages, you will find the stunning eco lodge “Dunes de Dovela” erected on the 2nd crest of the dunes overlooking the Indian Ocean. Melted in...
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Inhaca Island Day Tour things to do in inhaca island

Things to do in Inhaca Island, by a local , Álvaro Taruma

This Island is one of the most attractive of Mozambique! Declared biological heritage of humanity by UNESCO, it is attractive for its beautiful and unique natural corners, being representative of the entire marine ecosystem of Mozambique. Although, a list of things to do in Inhaca Island has a lot more than just natural wonders. The...
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We have for example Larry who is a Zimbabwean who has lived in Vilankulos for more than a decade. Alex, a French lady, who came for work in 2001 and after stopping at Dovela Dunes couldn’t leave anymore. Fernando has been for 20 years discovering every inch from Ruvuma to Maputo. Xana who wakes up every day to the sound of Tofo’s waves. And many other contributors, all of them with a strong connection to the place they are writing about.

You will not find a commercial language other than about the country and the destination. For the operators that contribute to this blog, the most important thing is the visitor experience and ensure that the right people want to visit Mozambique. This is our brand and our flag. 

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