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Welcome to our Mozambique Travel and Tours Blog. Here you can find useful and detailed information about Travel in Mozambique as well as tours in Mozambique.

It is a collaborative work among several agents of the industry with the aim of improving the experience of those who visit our country.

The tourist potential of Mozambique is immense, it is a safe, friendly country with more than 3000 kms of coastline, several safari reserves, some still untouched, a fascinating ancestral culture, and an African rhythm brushed of Indian, Arab and western culture.

In terms of territory, Mozambique is one of the biggest countries in Africa and it borders South Africa, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Tanzania.

It’s called many times as the “Indic pearl”.

From Maputo (river in the south) to Rovuma (river in the north) the country has so much to offer. From the best surf on the eastern coast in Ponta do Ouro and Calanga beach. The best dive sites in Tofo where you can swim with whale sharks in the wild. The memorable snorkeling that you can do in the archipelago of Bazaruto, surrounded by dugongs that still find refuge here. The true safari, in unique eco-systems in Gorongosa, Zinave and Niassa. The smell of history you can still feel on the island of Mozambique. The long empty beaches in Pemba and the pristine paradise of the Quirimbas archipelago. The beauty of the Gurué’s tea plantations. The immensity of the “sea that is born in the land” called Lake Niassa, and much, much more.

We hope you find here what you need to make your visit even brighter.

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Maputo National Park Wildlife

Maputo National Park is born from the unification of the Maputo Special Reserve and the Ponta do Ouro Partial Marine Reserve, the new park integrates into wider conservation areas such as the transboundary conservation area of libombos, which includes areas in South Africa and Eswatini, and also into the Maputo environmental protection area. The Park...
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maputo night life

Maputo Night Life

You are sitting at Dhow Restaurant, a very fancy and exclusive place with privileged views over the largest suspension bridge in Africa. You’ve just eaten some cheese and honey chamussas and are tasting the last few shots of white wine. The sun is so impressive and you are following its descent towards the horizon. A...
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best time to visit mozambique

Best time to visit Mozambique

This country welcomes visitors throughout the year and the best time to visit Mozambique varies with each traveler. Some come to work meetings, others in search of opportunities, there are those who are passionate about diving, we also find lovers of the beach and there are also adventurers who want to savor Mozambican culture to...
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where to stay in maputo

Where to stay in Maputo

More and more hotels have been appearing in recent years. We can say options are almost unlimited and now there are accommodations for all budgets, wich makes the decision of where to stay in Maputo a bit harder.You can use different browsers, such as Google, and Airbnb, especially the last two as they sometimes...
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mozambique tours

Mozambique Tours

It’s difficult to us just to speak about 2 or 3 destinations, as we are not quite objective. So that we have asked some Mussiro’s friends to give their recommendations about the places you should not miss in the country or the Mozambique Tours that should be in your bucketlist. Of course you will realize...
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best restaurants in maputo

Best Restaurants in Maputo

In this short list of the best restaurants in Maputo we left out some very good options. The gastronomic offer of the city and the quality of the restaurants is very high. Best restaurants in Maputo: the top 9 We have chosen only 9 restaurants that will leave your mouth watering to come back and...
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Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo

Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo

We must say that it’s quite difficult for us to choose, amongst the big list, the best seafood restaurants in Maputo, as quality shows a high level in general, so here some of our recommendations. Our choise of the best seafood restaurants in Maputo Mercado do peixe We started our choice with the Fish Market...
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mozambique dishes and gastronomy

Mozambique dishes and gastronomy

Picture the best mixture between Indian and Portuguese food. Now spice it up with a bit of Arab influence. And finally, pick only the most fresh and biological ingredients you can find (mostly sea food and vegetables). There you go, that is what you’ll find the best Mozambique dishes. By having over 3000 kms of...
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This Mozambique Travel and Tours Blog is moderated by Mussiro Trips, but the articles placed here are the sole responsibility of their authors.

No one is completely exempt, and we strive to look for people who are completely biased to write these articles.

Passion is the criteria for Mozambique Travel and Tours Blog writers selection

They are biased by the passion they have for the places they write about. You will not find here, we hope, rational evaluations of a destination. You will find emotional testimonies of who feels the land and its people, who loves what they do and is with open arms to receive the ones that are coming.

We have for example Larry who is a Zimbabwean who has lived in Vilankulos for more than a decade. Alex, a French lady, who came for work in 2001 and after stopping at Dovela Dunes couldn’t leave anymore. Fernando has been for 20 years discovering every inch from Ruvuma to Maputo. Xana who wakes up every day to the sound of Tofo’s waves. And many other contributors, all of them with a strong connection to the place they are writing about.

You will not find a commercial language other than about the country and the destination. For the operators that contribute to this blog, the most important thing is the visitor experience and ensure that the right people want to visit Mozambique. This is our brand and our flag. 

Mozambique Travel and Tours

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