Best Restaurants in Maputo

best restaurants in maputo

In this short list of the best restaurants in Maputo we left out some very good options. The gastronomic offer of the city and the quality of the restaurants is very high.

best restaurants in maputo

Best restaurants in Maputo: the top 9

We have chosen only 9 restaurants that will leave your mouth watering to come back and look for more.


To escape the exclusive fish restaurants, and enter the cuisine of Portuguese influence, the Restaurant Taverna on Avenida Mao Tsé Tung is inevitable – with a menu with dishes based on cod, red meat and pork, in addition to a phenomenal wine list. And this is not the only Taverna you can find in the city as this brand is expanding and there are several Tavernas with great locations. They are also a good choice for desserts and coffee break.


For a second suggestion of Portuguese-influenced cuisine, we also recommend Escorpião, an icon of the city of Maputo that has already changed hands several times but still maintains the quality and simplicity of typical Portuguese cuisine. We of course advise the steak on the stone. It is simply memorable.

Meia Tigela

There is also a place focused on Portuguese cuisine, seafood and a wonderful octopus called Meia Tigela. The environment they have created surrounded by nature will make you feel like eating in a stunning garden with super good vibes. They have a menu for every day of the week with great options, and these dishes of the day are available for lunch and for dinner. Besides it, you also have the menu for further options, like codfish, squids, prawns… And don’t miss the casquinhas, a typical snack from Inhambane province based on crabs and served in their skeleton. It’s… WOW!

Campo di Mare

For a fusion with Italian food and the freshness of seafood in Mozambique is the suggestion of the Campo di Mare restaurant, with tasty pasta and seafood risottos, not to mention a privileged view of the Maputo waterfront. For a complete experience, be sure to sit outside the establishment at Clube Marítimo de Desportos.


Mundos is a restaurant that could not be missing from the list of the best restaurants in Maputo. Not so much for the gastronomy, despite having delicious pizzas and pasta, but above all for its iconic environment, its privileged location and for being an experience. Is one of the best places to watch a football or rugby match, fun and relaxed and very kids friendly.

Lola’s and Kalus

If you are passionate on grilled meats, don’t miss Lola’s and Kalus. Lola’s is located in Malhangalene and they have a delicious pork meat that you won’t be able to stop eating. Kalus, on the other hand, is in Central Area of Maputo and very active at night, where picanha (cow’s meat), T-bone and chicken gizzards are yummy. You can accompany these dishes with fresh salads you choose right there, chips and xima (local cornmeal).

At Feira Popular find well suited candidates for the list of the best restaurants in Maputo

Finally, we cannot fail to mention the Feira Popular, in downtown Maputo, also known as the Feira Popular, which has several restaurants, of which we highlight the Coqueiro, for traditional Mozambican food from Matapa to many different curries.

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