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It’s difficult to us just to speak about 2 or 3 destinations, as we are not quite objective. So that we have asked some Mussiro’s friends to give their recommendations about the places you should not miss in the country or the Mozambique Tours that should be in your bucketlist. Of course you will realize you need more than one day to experience what Fany, María and Brian have shared with us.

Mozambique Tours: from Vilanculos to Bazaruto National Park

Fany (Scotland):
If you ask me a few years ago about the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Caribbean Sea would probably come to mind first, but after visiting Mozambique that changed forever. During my trip to Vilanculos and the Bazaruto National Park, I found the most paradisiacal places I have ever seen in my life and I would like to share my experience with you.

mozambique tours tofo

Is day one and as we approach our accommodation, a huge Baobab welcomes us at the entry of the camp site; these majestic trees are quite common in the area. We would be staying in a cute wooden lodge next to the seaside, where local fishermen fill with vibrant colours and energy the coastline.

From the balcony we can see the most spectacular sunrises, when the sun turns the whole sky scarlet and purple as it comes behind the horizon, the shapes of the tittle fishers boats seem like painted on a canvas; feeling those moments of serenity and connection with the Earth is something extraordinary.

Next morning we start our day with an energizing breakfast while enjoying the sea views and we head to the beach afterwards where our ride is awaiting already.

The boat will take us on an exciting trip to the beautiful Santa Carolina, a tiny island only a few miles away from the shore. As the sun rises in the sky, the colours in the water become more and more vivid, a never-ending palette of blues and turquoises blending perfectly.

Arriving on the island, we are ready to go explore and discover its hidden treasures. The island is today deserted, but you soon find out it wasn’t always like that.

On our pleasant wonder around the place we spot a couple of derelict buildings, a hotel, a church and some bungalows. Although they have been abandoned years ago, they still keep an especial charm and is not hard to imagine how beautiful they were in their most splendorous times.

We also make a peculiar discovery, an eroded runway, mostly covered by grass and bushes, that is what’s left of an old aerodrome now in disuse. Going back to the meeting point, we walk through a lovely palm grove, the large palm trees and its shadows are keeping us cool enough, while the sun is on its peak above us.

Lunch time and the food is ready. Today’s menu includes fresh and delicious grilled fish, some tasty rice and a few other mouthwatering dishes. The meal is nicely cooked outdoors by some locals, they are the only people on the island apart from us, which might give you an idea of the tranquility and wilderness that surrounds the environment.

We eat without any rush, like everything else in here, in the background the neighbouring island of Bazaruto, which we will be visiting next day. Full tummy, now is time to relax. Gastronomy should definitely be included in all Mozambique tours!

The soft and warm sand under your feet, the gentle breeze in your face, the whisper of the sea in your ears and the purest air you have ever breathe, if this is not heaven, what is?

To finish our amazing day, we head back into the water for some snorkelling. While admiring the wonderful world that lies under the surface, I think to myself that these coral reefs have nothing to envy to other more popular diving destination.

This aquatic ecosystem in the bosom of the Indian Ocean is bursting with life and it treats you with an astonishing submarine spectacle. Amongst some of the many marine species we see, there are star fishes of all different colours, green turtle, parrot fish and corals in all shapes and tones.

Back in the boat we go looking for the friendly but shy Dugong, we only manage to see their big and curvy silhouette beneath the surface. It has been and intense and amazing day, so we go back to the lodge for dinner, chill a bit and have some cool 2M, Africa’s most popular beer produced in Mozambique.

After a restoring sleep we wake up to a foggy morning. We get ready and off we go to another exciting day on the islands. As we leave the coast behind, we enter the dense sea fog and the landscape around us begins to dissipate. You then get this magical sensation of being in a mystical and mysterious place, almost like if we were sailing enchanted waters in search of Avalon.

Soon after the whitish mist starts to clear off and all of the sudden a breathtaking scenery appears in front your very eyes. The clear blues of the ocean mixed up with the ones of the sky as far as your sight can reach.

The vast extension of cyan is only disturbed by some fishermen’s boats and the sandy islands were are heading for. Our first stop is Benguerra, a jewel of an overwhelming beauty, with its unspoiled white beaches and freshwater lakes. If I am ever to get lost in a deserted island, I only wish it is in this one.

This tropical island gives us the perfect opportunity to take some amazing pictures of its landscapes and wildlife while strolling the area, followed by a refreshing bath in its totally transparent waters.

Back in the boat, we are excited thinking which wonders we are going to find this time in our snorkelling swim. It does not disappoint at all, the reef is full of incredible creatures (dolphins and turtles) and it turns out an unforgettable experience that any travel should seek in their Mozambique tours choice.

The next stop is Bazaruto Island, the largest in the Archipelago. Its massive sandy dunes are something truly remarkable. It was a bit tough walking up one of the dunes, but the view you get from the top makes it totally worth it. The green of the lush vegetation, the turquoise of the sea and the white of the sand combines to perfection in this terrestrial paradise.

We stay there for a while, absorbing all that dreamlike scenery and with a fully renovated energy we go back down to our base. There is a tent to protect us from the scorching midday sun while having our delicious lunch, the fresh prawns, beautifully cooked are very successful.

When the appetites have been satisfied, we snooze around for a bit, enjoying the total peace reigning on the island. Is time to leave, the boat is taking us back into the lodge for some well deserved rest. Over dinner, we chat feelingly about the great couple those days we have had. This will be undoubtedly a once in a lifetime trip and this fascinating location will be in our hearts forever.

Mozambique Tours: a deep dive with nature’s most amazing creations

María (Spain):
It’s been almost two years since we made this amazing trip across Mozambique. To be honest this is such an amazing experience that I can barely explain with my words… I think you have to live it, to feel it.
I’d like to talk about one specific place of our Mozambique tour: TOFO. This was our second stop. We only spent two days there but we could perfectly had stayed one week or even more, because this village has a huge beach and it’s perfect to do aquatic activities.

mozambique tours tofo

We stayed in a very beautiful lodge, surrounding by nature. From one side you could admire the sunrise over the sea and from the other, fall in love with the sunset down onto palm trees. In only 5 minutes far from it you could have the views from the paradisiac and beautiful Tofo beach, and in the sea, some times you could see some whales jumping!

After having unpacked, we decided to visit Barra beach and take a rest. It’s a long large beach and curiously, empty. It was really relaxing to have some time for sunbathing and taking a bath.

Later we went to Tofo Beach, to do an Ocean Safari looking for the Whale Shark. This is the biggest fish in the ocean, brownish and with yellowish spots and, luckily for humans, he eats plankton.

There were about 9 of us in a boat. As the ocean is an ecosystem with its habitants, every Safari is different. This time we were VERY LUCKY. We could see while sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles… Every time you saw one of them, whenever it was safe, you had the chance to jump into the water and snorkelling with them.

For me there were two very special moments. One of them was when we saw the whale. She was so close to us that in a moment we had to move away from her. We could listen her breathing and eventually she jumped twice! It was so magical to contemplate such an enormous creature! I literally cried.

It’s very difficult to describe it but I can tell you at that moment I felt like a very small piece of Earth and really connected to nature. The second one was swimming with the Whale Shark. I still can close my eyes and remember the moment when diving in the dark ocean, I found her tail. Not only once we could swim with one of them but we had the opportunity to do it 3 times, even with a mother and her little baby!

In the evening we went to visit the city. Talking about living, you could notice that Tofo is a town with magic. There were a big market with people enjoying, some restaurants and many places where you could find hand-crafts.

The day after, we hired a trip to an estuary in order to see seahorses. Until that moment I had never seen wild seahorses, and other kinds of animals, like snakes or manta rays. I’m really glad we finally made it because I really enjoyed this adventure.

This is briefly the summary of my experience. If someday I have the chance to come back to Mozambique, despite all the incredible Mozambique tours to choose from, i would visit Tofo again and discover more of its nature and its environment.

Inhaca Island and Machangulo Peninsula

Brian (USA):
First of all, thank you for giving me a voice and thinking of me to share my experience with Mussiro. I had doubts about which destination to choose, since I did not have many days, and after contacting 3 companies, I chose Mussiro because they gave me several budget options, always adapting to my needs, and the treatment received was very close and friendly.

I had read about Inhaca Island, its beaches, its mangroves and its reefs. I only had 3 days to visit it and Mussiro offered me a great package, at a very good price, where I discovered everything the island had to offer.

I went on the public boat, in a VIP seat, where I had the opportunity to appreciate Maputo Bay and to get close and talk to the local people, who were very welcoming and friendly.

When we arrived at the island, I couldn’t stop laughing, as it turns out that the boat does not take you to the shore: you have to climb down a vertical ladder at James Bond’s style to the small boats that then take you to the shore. It was great!

INhaca island Mozambique

A guide accompanied me at all times and took me to a guest house where they treated me very well. And to my surprise, I had my private room, with air conditioning and hot water! I was expecting something much simpler, so I liked the surprise.

I had the opportunity to get to know the town and to visit three beaches: Santa Maria’s beach (I was driven by car and loved going through the whole jungle to get there), where I took advantage of the whole day to swim and snorkel; on the second day I walked to Praia do Farol, a long walk that I will never forget, as you cross communities and mangroves that never end –I felt like Castaway, a memory that still draws me a smile on my face; and the last day, before returning to land, I went by boat to the Portuguese Island, which I traveled all over on foot, always accompanied by herons fishing and starfish, and where I could take a last dip.

I was also lucky, returning to Maputo, to see dolphins in the sea and a sunset of a thousand colors over the bay of Maputo.

MSR, a paradise that builds up the most autentic Mozambique Tours

Andrés (Colombia):
I never find time to travel, and finally I chose a day to get closer to see animals, since I live in Mozambique and after 9 months I have only seen goats, chickens and cows. I analyzed the tours I could do and finally I chose Maputo Special Reserve.

Mozambique safari tours

They tried to convince me to camp and make the 2-day trip, but since I am a little stubborn, I decided that one day was enough, and I regret it!

The trip was wonderful! I did not expect so much beauty together. The landscapes, the lagoons and the animals captivated my heart. I would never have imagined walking so close to hippos, or seeing more than 100 elephants together in one day. It was nice!

And to my surprise, they took me to the beach, where I could swim in clear and transparent waters where I was the only tourist. There were no more people!! And when I returned from the sea a barbecue was waiting for me!! They treated me like a king.

I was sorry not to have chosen the option of 2 days, because I could have enjoyed the sea and nature and could have slept under the stars. In addition, the camp has very good facilities, with toilets, showers with hot water (using solar panels) and everything in the middle of the jungle. I have promised that I will return and take friends as I am sure this is one of the last paradises on Earth and one of the best options among the Mozambique Tours one can choose.

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