Maputo Night Life

maputo night life

You are sitting at Dhow Restaurant, a very fancy and exclusive place with privileged views over the largest suspension bridge in Africa. You’ve just eaten some cheese and honey chamussas and are tasting the last few shots of white wine. The sun is so impressive and you are following its descent towards the horizon. A beam of different lights (red, orange, pink, purple and yellow) bathes everything. You feel trapped by this magic and suddenly when the sun disappears and you take the last sip of your glass, it begins and you want to explore Maputo Night Life.

You decide to go for dinner at South Beach, a modern restaurant, located on the beach, where the cuisine is delicious, the music very well selected, and the waves of the sea will accompany you throughout the evening. You can stay here for dessert and join in the evening parties that take place Friday and Saturday, on a wooden platform in the sand with the ocean as a backdrop, or…

To enjoy the night life in Maputo, you take a taxi to go to Botánica, a unique enclave, a wild space in the middle of the city, in the Sommerschield neighborhood, where strawberry shortcake is a delicacy. There, accompanied by a giant wild fig tree and hundreds of exotic plants, you will have your first drink of the night, with a very pleasant background music and sitting in one of the different environments that this space offers

Maputo night life for those willing to go local

If you want a bit of action and dive fully into Mozambican musical culture, you can choose between Xima Bar (where you can learn to dance marrabenta with the local population) or the Gil Vicente Theater, where jazz performances and popular music is always running.

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Later, after having moved the skeleton with the rhythms of Maputo night life, you can go to have a drink at Dolce Vita, located on the most exclusive avenue of the city, Julius Nyerere, where the music does not stop and is a good place to make new friends, dance or sit in the terrace while you enjoy the show of the day.

To end the night, we suggest you go to 1908, a colonial house converted into a nightclub where you can eat in one of its environments, dance in its innermost area, or reserve a VIP area on one of its terraces while you dance and talk with your friends.

On the other hand, every weekend the nigh life in Maputo offers a show in the city center, behind the town hall and where the statue of Samora Machel, Mozambique’s first president, rests; or in the lower part of the city, at the train station, one of the most beautiful in the world; it is also common for live shows to be held on the beachfront or in some of the discos and restaurants there, such as Mar na Brasa, Sixties or Coconuts. Ask your hotel what activities will take place today. Likewise, and through Facebook, you can search for social events near you in the coming days.

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