Where to stay in Maputo

where to stay in maputo

More and more hotels have been appearing in recent years. We can say options are almost unlimited and now there are accommodations for all budgets, wich makes the decision of where to stay in Maputo a bit harder.

You can use different browsers, such as Google, Booking.com and Airbnb, especially the last two as they sometimes launch offers that you cannot find directly on the pages of each hotel.

If you are looking for more select and finer places, where the views and tranquility take precedence over everything, we recommend (we detail just a few):

Where to stay in Maputo: the finest places

  • Polana Serena Hotel. It is known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean and has a colonial style that captivates the senses. It has different spaces and all kinds of services you can imagine, such as spa, heated pool, sushi restaurant… Its outdoor pool is perched on the top of Maputo’s Bay and its different terraces are ideal for having a drink at the end of the day.
  • Cardoso Hotel. It is another of the jewels of Maputo, a hotel of a lifetime, with a rooftop gym that gives the feeling of being training over the sea (very cool!), and a sauna that is always well used by its guests. The pool and its outdoor restaurant look out over the bay and have incredible sunsets.
  • Meliá Maputo Sky. It is located in the new nerve center of the city and is an increasingly popular conference and event center. Its facilities have everything you need for rest and it has a giant leisure activity center, with everything you can imagine. It also has a rooftop bar with privileged views of the lower part of the city, Katembe and the sea.
  • Southern Sun. Its rooms have an interior window that separates the bedroom from the bathroom, which gives a modern and diaphanous touch, especially if you bathe facing the terrace and the sea. Its buffet is one of the best in the city and has direct access to the beach.
  • Radisson Blue Hotel. Modern building where open spaces and large windows take precedence over everything. Good cuisine, wonderful pool garden and rooms dressed with floor-to-ceiling windows.
  • Pestana Hotel. It was one of the most demanded hotels until new accommodation options began to emerge. This hotel is located in the heart of the city and therefore has direct access to all the attractions and restaurants of Maputo. Good food, good facilities and nice views from the pool terrace.

Where to Stay, on a lower budget?

There are also cheaper options, where comfort and location are well guaranteed:

  • Onomo Hotel. Located in the lower part of the city. It is a new space with very good prices and quality services. It has a restaurant on the roof where it is worth having dinner.
  • Villa das Mangas. It is close to the Geology and Natural History museums as well as the main avenue of restaurants. Good service and excellent quality in general.
    And if you are looking for a tighter budget, we have two Backpackers options:
  • The Base Backpackers. It is located in a good area and very accessible to all points of interest. It is a quiet area, with all the basis you need and has a terrace that looks out over Maputo Bay.
  • Fatima’s Backpackers. It is a classic and the oldest backpackers in the country. It has extensive facilities, a quiet area and offers a bus service to visit its other accommodation in Tofo.
    Nowadays all these spaces have free Internet services and at a fairly good speed.

With Booking.com is easy to find more options and even ways to make a reservation in many of the spaces mentioned above, so we recommend always contrasting the prices between the hotel’s official website and the prices that Booking.com offers, since all the months (and some weeks) there are usually valid promotions that are only applicable from that platform.
With Airbnb, on the other hand, we have options for rooms in private homes and even renting complete apartments, which guarantees absolute autonomy on your stay in Maputo.

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