Best time to visit Mozambique

best time to visit mozambique

This country welcomes visitors throughout the year and the best time to visit Mozambique varies with each traveler. Some come to work meetings, others in search of opportunities, there are those who are passionate about diving, we also find lovers of the beach and there are also adventurers who want to savor Mozambican culture to the fullest.

For us there are two seasons a year: the hot months (October-March) with rains (December-February), and the “cold” months (June-August). But what month to choose?

The best time to visit Mozambique islands and beachs

If you like the heat, wearing little clothes, spending the day at the beach, spotting animals, enjoying pleasant nights and cocktails, eating outdoors…, the best months start from September and go until March (or even April, because the change climate has made everything unpredictable today).

And what about the rains during these months? Nothing. Normally when it rains most frequently it is in December, January and February. Yes, they are heavy rains but they don’t usually last more than 2 days. It has ever happened that we have had rains a whole week, but it is not the usual. The most common is that it rains at the end of the day, when the heat of the day rises and meets the cold air masses. Therefore, it is common to enjoy the sun, the beach and safaris during the day, and find some rain at night (in those rainy months).

If you are a diver, you can come at any time of the year, as the reefs of Ponta do Ouro, Tofo and Vilankulos are always active and full of life. You just have to enter Windguru and check the winds and the waves, which are the two key points to be able to go diving and enjoy the turtles, sharks, manta rays, dolphins, whale sharks, etc.

If you are a lover of cetaceans and want to see whales (humpback whales) then the best time to visit Mozambique is between the months of June and October, being the best those from July to September. At this time the large sea mammals come from Antarctica to mate or give birth. You will be able to see humpback whales along the coast of Mozambique, all over the Indian Ocean.

If extreme heat and humidity aren’t great friends of yours, choose the months from June to August. The temperature drops down, but during the day we continue with shorts and t-shirts, and many of us continue visiting the beach. The water is refreshing, you enjoy the sea and you get a tan.

If you are looking to see wildlife and go on safaris, the is no best time to visit Mozambique, every month is good. We will take you to Maputo Special Reserve in Mozambique, Kruger National Park in South Africa and Hlane National Park in Eswatini.

And if you come for work, take advantage of your free time to do some of our activities in the savannah and/or islands. It would be a shame if you miss the wonders of Mozambique.

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