Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo

Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo

We must say that it’s quite difficult for us to choose, amongst the big list, the best seafood restaurants in Maputo, as quality shows a high level in general, so here some of our recommendations.

Our choise of the best seafood restaurants in Maputo

Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo

Mercado do peixe

We started our choice with the Fish Market (Mercado do Peixe). If you are passionate about fish, seafood and shellfish, know that your stay in Maputo and the region will not disappoint you in this regard. In fact, the freshness and flavor of these delicacies will be forever remembered! Not to mention that prices fit right into the traveler’s pocket, even in the “tightest”.

Our highlight is the fleshy and extremely tasty prawns. And when prepared with the famous peri peri sauce -very spicy-, they are even more irresistible. The Maputo Fish Market, on Avenida da Marginal, is the first tip for those who want to eat the freshest and most delicious seafood and fish in the city.

At the Mercado do Peixe you can buy fresh fish at the fish market and take it to the cooking area to sit and eat what you just bought. There can be no fresher.

You will find many local restaurants and cook willing to prepare your seashopping. Trust them as they will prepare your food in a very good way. Don’t forget to ask for garlic bread to complete the experience.

Mar na Brasa

Still in fish and seafood, but with a little more refinement, we recommend Mar na Brasa. An inevitable choice among the best seafood restaurants in Maputo, also on Avenida Marginal, with a very good atmosphere and delicious food. They have some delicatessens you might not miss. Just ask the waiter for the best suggestions of the day.


A divine seafood is also served at Sagres, which is by the sea, also on Avenida Marginal. The dish with clams, crab legs, prawns and langoustines are huge -it still comes with side dishes- and serves about three people well. This is a good way to try a good number of sea animals at once.

South Beach

Close by the previous restaurants and still in the same avenue, you can find South Beach, the latest new restaurant in the area. Fancy, overlooking the ocean, with great taste for decoration and better taste for seafood options. Clams and prawns are yummy!

Zambi, the oldest amongt the best seafood restaurants in Maputo

On the other hand and changing the location to the other side of Maputo Bay, we find one of the icons of Maputo and one of the oldest restaurants in the capital, Zambi. Zambi has a special vibe, looking to the sea, watching Katembe and protected by palm trees. You can choose between having your meal outdoor in its great patio, or maybe look for more privacy and air conditioned inside. Any option for seafood can be chosen here, with great quality. They also prepare sushi and have a special buffet for sushi running for lunch from Monday to Saturday –if you are a sushi-lover you must come and enjoy the colorful bites they offer here. And it’s also recommended to phone in advance for booking, as Zambi is a meeting point for business. It’s usually full but distribution of space is so good that you will never feel the space is fully occupied. 😀

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