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A Maputo Tour Guide For thoose seeking a unique and real experience.

Born and raised in Maputo, Jacira had always been attracted to various forms of expression and art. As she grew up she tried various sports such as soccer, basketball and fell in love with soccer. 

She had a big dream of being an international singer and even began a YouTube channel for it (please don’t search :-)), but as time passed getting into College, going on an international trip to study the U.S. institutes and a youth organization called AIESEC she found a bigger calling for personal development.
She is committed to providing a magical experience showing the other side of Maputo, and our amazingly talented and welcoming people!
  • We have the Pancho Guedes Tour, one of the most famous architects in Mozambique that left an indelible mark in Maputo with buildings that are emblematic in the city.
  • We have the Moz Art which is a workshop of some traditional techniques like the batique, or the work with wire. This is a workshop where the guests make their own pieces.
  • We also have Maputo tours to iconic locations but they will give you a very clear idea about the city and its geometry.
  • If you want something more cultural we have the route of museums and historical sites, it can be a full day or half day tour.

Some Maputo tours in wich you may have Jacira has your guide:


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