Maputo to Tofo Rental Service | 5 Days

Tofo, here we go! If you like driving and like to manage your time with zero stress, this is your tour. You can explore the endless beaches of Macaneta, the reefs of Chizavane, the lagoons of Bilene, Chidenguele and Quissico, the seafood of Xai-Xai and Inhambane and the company of the friendly Mozambicans you will met all your drive up. Get ready for fun!


  • Fexible

Price Includes

  • Car (Toyota Corolla)
  • Coleman
  • SIM cards with Internet and credit
  • Map of route
  • Accommodation in Tofo
  • Breakfasts in Tofo
  • Ocean Safari in Tofo
  • Barra Estuary (tour)

Price Excludes

  • Fuel
  • Meals not mentioned in INCLUDED

What to Bring

  • Hat/cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel and swimming clothes
  • Your best smile

Maputo to Tofo Rental Service - Itinerary Suggestion

Day 1| Summary

A lovely self-drive is waiting for you amongst smooth temperatures, warm and blue water to jump in, long beaches to relax and tasty seafood all the way along.

We have designed an itinerary with the highlights you cannot miss! It will help you a lot with your adventure.
Let us know where you are staying and we will drive to your place to provide you everything you need for the adventure: car, SIM card, the cooler, your treasure map and a surprise. 🙂

In your way up you can probably start with an early breakfast at Marracuene, overlooking the Incomati River, or maybe in Manhiça, overlooking the rice plantations. Then, your following stop will be in a street yummy market full of colors and right place to buy fruits and cashew nuts; we are talking about Macia. Keep those snack for you and enjoy them in a quick swim at Bilene’s lagoon, just 30 km from Macia.

Depending on your timings, you can do a second breakfast or brunch there in Bilene, and then continue driving to Xai-Xai, stopping at a hotel near the beach for a coffee or lunch. You can go further if you prefer and treat yourself with a “frango à Zambeziana”, a special dish based on grilled chicken and coconut milk that maybe you can find while you visit the marvelous Quissico Lake.
After this stops, and if sun is still shining, you must cross a bridge in the town of Inharrime; cross it and stop on any of its side for admiring the nature surrounding you. It’s a very special place! Not allowed to swim as currents are unpredictable in this zone. Then, go ahead till Nhacongo, your last compulsory stop if you love spicy; there you will be able to acquire piri-piri, the spicy peppers that are an icon of Mozambique and you can use during your following meals, or just take it with you back home or even plant them as they grow anywhere!

It must be dark when you reach Inhambane City. You won’t have time to visit today but you can always come at any time as your final destination, Tofo, is just 15 km far away. Go to Tofo, find your hotel (easy!) and walk around for a delicious lobster!

Day 2| Summary

Sun has been waiting for you since you were born, so leave the bed for a while and come out to say “hello, sunny”. Lights are magical during sunrise and sunset in Africa, specially here at your latitude, as you are almost at Tropic of Capricorn. You can even enjoy it with your breakfast if the reception is already open.

Do you like mussels? Do you like oysters? If you answer yes, walk or your way to the right side of the beach and when the tide is low will appreciate a reef full of people. They are fishing different kind of clams. Go and join them. Ask for help and carry something hard enough to protect your soles. That area you are exploring now is the natural separation between Tofo’s beach and Tofinho’s beach. From Tofinho’s beach on you will find a very special fish in the sea, the biggest fish ever!!!, the whale shark, a huge stunning peaceful harmless animal. You will take a speed boat later to look for it and snorkel with it. Believe us!! You have never had such a huge fellow as a company. But this is not the only new marine friend you can spot today during your ocean safari, as there are families of dolphins navigating all the time, also tiny and big turtles, mantas… and humpback whales during southern winter, especially from July to October.

Once you are done with your ocean safari, what about joining a land safari? This is: let’s take your accommodation as a reference and let’s walk to the left following the shore until a place with best views ever to see the sunset over a sea of palm trees. Imagine yourself on the top of a deck admiring the infinite sea on your back and the red and orange lights on your front with the palm sea. Doesn’t it sound amazing? The place is called Mango Beach, their meals are delicious, their landscapes the greatest ones and their stuff the most friendly in the area. You are having dinner at the time that millions of light start breaking darkness over your head, and designing the Milky Way in a very clear picture you will never forget. Walk back along the beach at night under this starry sky and put your feet in the water and move the water with the sand as there is a last show to enjoy: the blue fluorescent plankton!!

Day 3| Summary

Day off. Get involved with local people, they like to share experiences.

Beaches around are beautiful.

Maybe you can use the day for a gravity zero experience and take part into a discover scuba diving activity. Don’t be afraid! It’s the best feeling ever! Once you try, you will demand more and more.

Day 4| Summary

Jogging? Morning yoga? Reading a book? Swimming? Catching clams? Water sports? Looking for coconuts to drink its milk?

Get ready and well fed for the adventure of today. You will be taken to Barra’s Estuary throughout local communities into the wild. Then you will walk using proper shoes (they will provided) along wet sand that gets full of water when tides come up. This is a place that flamingos love to walk and fly around looking for food. See them flying and how the sky turns pink.

This walk is really interesting for many reasons you will find out, but specially because takes you to a natural reef wall that separates the ocean from the estuary. And what do we find here? Well, on the estuary (left side) starfishes are EVERYWHERE; it’s a stars land, in many colours, shapes and sizes. Snorkel around and look for seahorses among the seaweed. They are so cute, and tiny. There are not many places in the world where you can spot them. Afterwards, jump onto the right side of the wall and look for moraines, lionfish, sea urchins, etc.

It’s a special day as you will get to know both sides of Peninsula of Inhambane: Barra and Tofo.

Relax during the rest of the day in the market, bars, beach…

Day 5| Summary

One more sunrise? When you start the day shinning, you finish your experience shining. ☺

You can enjoy the beach or start your drive back to Maputo, making a stop in Inhambane. It’s a cozy city, so drive and walk around.

Then now you can stop at Inharrime, before the bridge. How do you know you are there? The road suddenly goes down and down and everything you can see is a huge see of palm trees. All green!! Amazing! Then before the bridge just park the car in the sand area and enjoy the views (this is before going up to Quissico Village). Pay attention to everything surrounding you, as it’s quite interesting to observe how local people live, work and entertain. And make your lunch stop at Chidenguele Lagoon. The village, also called Chidenguele, is well visible and just follow indications to Lake View Resorts. They have good food, they have a swimming pool (ask price for swimming in advance) and a wonderful lake where you can swim at zero cost. It’s safe. No crocodiles around! ☺

From here drive down and now you can maybe have a coffee at Xai-Xai, buy more fruits and cashew nuts at Macia, stop in Manhiça for stretching legs and continue your way back home to us.

It’s compulsory to have fun!!!

NOTE: we can also organize a Mussiro guide/driver for you. This will have an extra cost of 420 USD.

Last day and last opportunity for a sunrise bath. Don’t miss it and recharge your good vibes. 🙂

It’s a long drive back to Maputo, specially is you want to continue exploring the country. Have you already visited Inhambane city? Do it as it will only take you half an hour or less if you do by car.

If you didn’t enjoy Inharrime in your way up to Tofo, do it now during the daylight as this place could be the main set for any adventure or magic Hollywood movie. Enjoy this beauty! Then continue to Chidenguele Lagoon and stop at Lake View Resort. Here you have can order your lunch (or brunch), you can swim in the lake (it’s totally safe), use the swimming pool (ask price for swimming in advance) and have your last moments between nature and you before ending the expedition. 🙂

Or if you prefer it, you can stop at Zona Braza in Chizavane, a beach area through the bush ending in huge dunes before walking down to the beach. They also have all the facilities as well for a wonderful farewell moment.

In your way down you already know the places where you can make a quick stop for coffee or stretching your legs: Xai-Xai, Macia, Bilene, Manhiça, Marracuente….

It’s compulsory to have fun!!!

NOTE: we can also organize a Mussiro guide/driver for you. This will have an extra cost of 420 USD.


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