Mozambique Safari Tours

Those who know Mozambique talk about its more than two thousand kilometers of beaches, but in reality, if we follow the coast from end to end, from Rovuma to Maputo (as the national hymn sings) there are more than 4000 thousand kilometers of sand washed by the Indian Ocean, and therefore, the possibilities of enjoying safaris are practically unlimited. And that’s what we do, Mozambique Safari Tours.

Mozambique safari tours

Our concept of Mozambique Safari Tours encompasses different types of activities and adventures, some from comfort, others from relaxation and others where adventure and adrenaline are the protagonists.

What can we offer? Imagine that you have just arrived in Maputo, popularly known as the city of acacias, and you get on a safari car to cross one of the largest bridges in the African continent to travel on a road that crosses the famous elephant reserve (Maputo Special Reserve). You pass over the Maputo River, then through the Futi one, and finally you access the Reserve where the tour begins to make sense and the heartbeat gradually intensifies.

At that moment you wonder where you are, what a Mozambique Safari tour is about, and when you access a unique ecosystem in the world and stumble upon a family of elephants you begin to understand the experience of the day. Your sight gets lost in the wide plains, in the green dunes, in the freshwater lagoons, and in the wildlife that we find here. You want the safari never ends and you gradually fall in love with Mozambique.

The joy does not end there, because if you approach the beaches and you are lucky to see humpback whales and sea turtles, you will know that this place forgotten by many, has the magic you need in your life.

Mozambique safari tours

Mozambique Safari Tours, from the savana to pristine beaches

You finish the safari. And you go to the hotel to rest. But you cannot avoid going to your cellphone and search again about safaris in Mozambique. And voilá! You discover that there are two very close islands near Maputo and that you can visit them.

One is Inhaca, with reefs that scratched the boats of the ancient navigators of the seas, and with a jungle that transports you to adventure movies. Inhaca’s people are pleasant, the beach of Santa Maria a delight, the local fish great, and the turquoise greens of its main bay seems like a fairy tale. It’s connected to the Portuguese Island during low tide, where you arrive by boat (boat safari tour) in 5 minutes and you can walk it all around; it will take you around one hour and a half. The sea, the sand and you, only you.

Inhaca island

The second island, which we all observe from the shores of Maputo, is Xefina. It hides a historical legacy in its hidden face, with a fort that is being eaten by the sea and that serves as a fishing point for local residents. This island is one of those few places where there is no electricity. The night is completely dark. The stellar mantle is impressive. Can you imagine a Mozambique Safari Tour where you travel to the past and can contemplate the universe in complete silence from a desert island?

Now you are sleeping. It is time to reflect and assimilate the experiences of the day. You have to keep them with a lot of love. They are part of you now. You want them. You have them. Are yours.

You wake up and have read that there is so much to do that you don’t know very well where to start. Maputo is still your throne. And you want to stroll through the architecture and history of this city. You start by the Indian Pearl (Polana Hotel) to taste a delicious breakfast on its terrace with endless views. Then you take a txopela (tuk tuk) and explore the Natural History Museum, the Iron House of Gustave Eiffel, the Cathedral, the Town Hall, the fortress, the railway station (CFM) and suddenly you realize that it is time to eat and you don’t know very well which place to choose… There are so many… You go online.

You are looking for a safari tour in Mozambique for Food and discover that there are local dishes such as “frango à zambeziana”, “matapa com camarão”, “mucapata”…., and you can taste them both in FEIMA and FEIRA. Where are you going? You are not sure why tours for lunch also tells you about the Fish Market, on Marginal Avenue, where you choose what seafood to eat and who cooks it for you. You fancy a pompous steamed crab and clams at Mozambican style, so you are already enjoying a very well chosen gastronomic experience; and don’t forget to ask for sweet potatoes as an accompaniment and some peanuts as an appetizer.

Mozambique Market

Mozambique Safari Tours can be about culture as well

Then you go for a walk to the beach, because your belly feels heavy. And you find a group of people performing rituals on the beach. You think they may be the famous healers who have spoken to you so much, but they are one of the many religions that are professed in the country. There are songs and dances and curiosity leads you to approach them to find out how they use seawater to purify their demons.

You, however, keep yours and leave them for another time, because you have just decided that you are going to ask the girl who takes care of your room to take you to a healer.

Yes. You want a safari tour with a healer. You want to know about your past. You want to know also about what will come tomorrow. And the healer does not fail: tomorrow you will make a trip; you will go to the beach. And you see yourself the next day taking a car and going up to the salty lagoon of Bilene. You have heard that it has a special color, that temperature is very pleasant, and that on the other side of the lagoon, where it meets the sea, there are some cliffs from where you can see sea turtles.

You see everything clear. You want to go. You need to go. The sea turtle is your favorite animal and you will not miss this opportunity, and in fact, you will enjoy it so much that it will not be enough and your route will not end here.

Mozambique safari tours

You’re exhausted. Many emotions. But it seems there are more, near the city of Inhambane, which gives its name to the province of Inhambane, and where there is a destination that is the mecca of diving in Mozambique: Tofo.

Here you can dive to depths of 30 meters to swim with mantas, but if you do not dive, you can also opt for an ocean safari, because the mantas also furrow the surface, and do not do it alone. There are larger animals that, like them, feed on plankton. We talk about the whale shark, the biggest fish of the seas. This nice animal is always in these waters and it is quite easy to see and swim with it. It is a very peaceful animal, but it triggers our adrenaline given its imposing wingspan. And it is not the only big one.

There are also humpback whales during the winter months. They come to give birth and mate. You will see them jumping from the coast and playing with the waves, as their cousins ​​dolphins do. And as the universe takes care of you and Mozambique loves you, giant sea turtles will appear during your ocean safari. They want to say hello. They know you love them and they don’t want to be rude.

Tofo Beach

You like this concept of a safari tour more and more. Every time you like us more. You just lived with giant marine animals, but what about if now we take you to the other side of the Inhambane Peninsula, to the Barra estuary, so that you literally walk over the stars?

Yes, you read it right. The estuary is a field of stars that does not end. Sizes, shapes and colors dominate your senses. And where there are stars, there are small algae and… seahorses. Wow! You have been spotting animals between 10 and 17 meters long this morning, and now here you are, with tiny little horses with the size of your index finger! It is uncreditable. How is so much beauty possible together? And if you cross to the other side of the estuary you will see that there are giant sea urchins, moraines and lionfish. What else can we ask Mother Nature for? Living is wonderful!

You have just lived with these beautiful animals and on your return through the palm groves, you see some children from a lost community that have coconuts for sale and you know you are drinking coconut milk right there and right now. They are called “lanhos” and they are delicious. They have a sweet and fresh milk. You have never tasted such a good coconut.

Your life is being filled with experiences. New, intense, positive, wonderful experiences. And someone tells you about Vilankulos and the Bazaruto archipelago, only 300 km far away from Tofo. Then you decide to continue investigating.

Your safari tour in Mozambique will now take you to visit virgin, paradisiacal islands, where dolphins come to greet you while sailing, where reefs are colorful explosions with rainbows of fish, where sea cows (dugongs) are the owners of a set of 5 islands resting in the Tropic of Capricorn. Dugongs are shy animals, and in danger of extinction, so you will need your best luck to meet them. If you do, there will be a before and after in your life. Few are the lucky ones who see them. They are fast, as fast as the turtles that, once again, you will see at the end of the day on the spooky island of Santa Carolina, also known as Paradise Island – once there you will know why they call it that.

Bazaruto archipelago

No doubt, Mozambique safari tours can be much more than just watching animals in the savana. This immersive experience has led you to discover dream beaches and live with marine animals whose existence and beauty you did not know until now. But there is more. Your next tour will be a safari through the great living beings of Mozambique, and we don’t talk about animals, we talk about the sacred and ancient trees that have become an icon of Africa, the baobabs.

They are the mother of nature. They are awesome. Legend tells that being such a beautiful tree, God decided to turn it over and leave its roots out, to make it a bit uglier. But failed!! This forest colossus is cute. Its fruit is edible and is the temple of many baboons (remember Rafiki monkey in the Lion King).

The baobabs will be your partners from now on. They will be your shadow to the Zinave Reserve, where large land animals migrate through the Limpopo region throughout the year, such as elegant giraffes and majestic sable antelopes. You can camp in this place, but be careful to leave the tent at night because the laughter you hear will come from spotted hyenas and the roars will come from the lions that populate this reserve. You will have opportunities to approach these great mammals. And those who do not observe here you can look for them a little higher, at Gorongosa National Park, in the province of Sofala, a destination recommended by National Geographic for being one of those 100 places that you must visit at least once in your life.

A couple of safaris on Mount Gorongosa, its waterfalls, tea plantations, plains, a light aircraft flight, a sunset between wild dogs, a navigation between hippos, walks to see elephants… There is much to do, much to observe, much to learn, and together we contribute to the development and care of these areas so sensitive and so mistreated by human beings and their wars.

Now your experience is almost complete. You have had everything. History, culture, gastronomy, beaches, marine fauna, lost islands, baobabs, birds, land animals, waterfalls, coffee… Were Your expectations, regarding Mozambique Safari Tours, matched? We hope so, we gave it all.

The old capital

Now you need a few days of relaxation. You have understood how wild networks of land and marine animals work, and now you feel like living more with the local population. And you have read that the first capital of the country was an island, the Island of Mozambique, where there is a fortress that survives the passage of time, and walking through its streets is like walking through the mazes of the history books.

You want that. You need to be the protagonist of your own movie. You like the past. You miss it. You admire it. You want to understand it to better accept the present times, and you know that the Island of Mozambique will be the turning point to go back in time and soak up the origins of the modern history of Mozambique. Its people will clothe you with great candor.

Marlin carpacio will be one of the star dishes. And you will decide to hire a local fisherman to visit one of the neighboring islands in his dhow; the island of Goa is wonderful, with white and blue sands that dazzle. Its waters are always ready for us to take a good bath. Always look at the shore because baby sharks sometimes get disoriented by the currents and end up appearing there. They’re adorable. Do not be afraid.

How quickly time passes. It doesn’t make sense. The experience of Mozambique safari tours seemed, at first, to make time slow down, but now Your adventure is almost coming to an end. You don’t want that to happen. You want to continue traveling. You are an explorer, a discoverer, an adventurer. You have to prioritize. Where to continue? You can only choose two places. Mozambique Safari Tours promises much more, but life is based on elections, and yours is to fly first to Lichinga, capital of the Niassa province, where Lake Niassa (also known as Lake Malawi) has a unique tropical fish ecosystem in the world. You want to snorkel and feel one more within those waters. You love it and you never thought to go so far, but here you are, taking advantage of the penultimate minute of your vacation, because the last one you have left to continue towards a land where the power of chlorophyll is so strong that the green of the vegetation is unique and blinding.

Without knowing how to open the door to your last Mozambique Safari experience: you are in the province of Cabo Delgado, touring it by land and then by sea, as the Archipelago of the Quirimbas promises, and also the Island of Ibo. You want to continue living with the local population, learning from them, discovering how they have survived in remote islands throughout the centuries. And you are surprised trying one of the best coffees of your life in the Ibo watchtower. What a delicious thing! You will buy several packages and then give them to your friends and family. And with your cup of coffee in your hand you go through the mangroves that protect the island from marine hugs.

You don’t expect to meet anyone, apart from the crabs that hide in your path, but suddenly that girl appears, with that deep intense look. The iris of her eyes seduces you, you feel an attraction to her soul, because she tells you there is a lot of history inside her and she wants you to “undress” her, that you feel by her side and listen to her, she needs to share who she is and who her ancestors were, and also wants to explain that what she is wearing on the face is a root-based treatment to make her more beautiful, and also indicates that she is already a woman. They all use it. It makes them special. It makes them different. She is always carrying Mussiro with her.

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