Mozambique Travel Warnings

mozambique travel warnings

When we travel there is a small emotion that burns up within us and whose flame grows more and more as we plan the trip. As travelers, we have the obligation to dress an open and positive attitude: it is our vacation, we want to have a good time, and we carry an open mind to learn, respect and accept the habits and customs of the people we visit. To help travelers to fit in perfectly we prepared a Mozambique travel warnings list. We have responsibilities that we must not forget and that are our duty.

Mozambique Travel Warnings

  1. Consult your doctor or epidemiologist. Some travelers take precautions because Mozambique is an endemic area for malaria and some other diseases, although it is true that cases are becoming less and less frequent. We recommend bringing mosquito repellent and wearing long sleeves and long pants between sunset and sunrise.
  2. Visa. Get in touch with the Embassy of Mozambique in your country of origin or contact directly the Immigration services of Mozambique. For many countries it is now possible to obtain a visa at the border, being easier if you enter by land and not by air. And consider of getting a single entry (if you are staying just in Mozambique), a double-entry (if you plan to go once out of Mozambique to Kruger Park in South Africa) or a multiple entry visa (if you plan to go to South Africa or Eswatini several times). Consult your embassy to answer any questions.
  3. Identification. It is mandatory to always be identified. Take a certified photocopy of your passport and visa with you.
  4. Money. Surely among the most important Mozambique travel warnings. It is important to always carry some cash, especially if your trip is through rural areas. Many places today accept debit and credit cards (Visa and Master Card). In any case, we recommend that when you exchange currencies, you do so at official exchange offices. And when you withdraw money from an ATM, try to use an ATM inside the facilities of a bank, to avoid be cloned. USD less than 2009 series are not usually accepted in any Southern African countries, therefore, ask your bank or exchange office to give you dollars from the 2009 series onwards.
  5. Internet and communications. Many of the establishments have WiFi, but you can also buy a SIM card from local companies (Movitel, Vodacom or Mcel) and buy data to navigate.
  6. Language. Portuguese is the official language, but in tourism area everyone speaks English and probably a third language: Spanish, French…
  7. Climate. Very pleasant all year. The rainy months are the southern summer months, from December to March. But today the weather is unpredictable.
  8. Safety and health. Avoid night walks in certain areas; always ask your hotel or restaurant. Always inform where you are going. Have a contact from your country’s embassy in Mozambique or South Africa. We do not recommend bringing strangers to your hotel/room. In case of illness, there are private hospitals that operate 24 hours.
  9. Public transport. Always negotiate with a taxi the amount to pay; we recommend Mango Taxi. For trips between cities there are public coaches; they are cheap, they are always full but they will take you to your destination. You can also hire private services, buy flights or rent a car.
  10. Food and water. Food is generally good and reliable. If you eat from the street, it is a risk you are exposed to, but you can always observe the way of cooking and you decide. The water is drinkable in the city of Maputo and in many provincial capitals and urban areas, however, it is better not to risk it and buy bottled water.
  11. Law. Comply with the laws as if you were in your own country and avoid easy bribery
  12. Attitude. A super positive mood full of good vibes and willing to enjoy a lot!

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