Why the name Mussiro?

Mussiro is a root that grows in the north of Mozambique and southern Tanzania. From that root you get a white powder that mixing with water creates a very special cream women and men from that region use.

Mussiro cream is used on special occasions. A young girl would put on her face and walk the whole day with that mask on the wedding day, for instance. It has also a regenerator effect on the skin and therefore it’s used regularly even if it’s not a special occasion.

Today Mussiro Mask is also the trademark of a region and its traditions.

So, why Mussiro?

When we were deciding on the name for our venture we came up with more than 100 possibilities. We wanted something that represents what we are in a subtle but powerful way and this small word has it all.

That all our retreats can have a flavor of all that and we will be fulfilling our mission. Let’s discover all the Mussiros that the world still holds.

We invite You to check our tours and dive in an immersive way of travelling.


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