Things to do in Ponta do Ouro

things do to in ponta do ouro

Ponta do Ouro is a beach located in the south of Mozambique bordering the South African province of Kwazulu-Natal. The beach has an extension of 678 km2, a town that belongs to the province of Maputo, Matutuíne District and Administrative Post of Zitundo. And, the best of all, there are wonderful things to do in Ponta do Ouro.

The beach is an arch with about seven kilometers long limited by rocky coasts at the ends (reefs), by a wide sand bar and by low dunes on the coast side. For these reasons, the beach is very protected and suitable for water sports. Its tropical climate is another point in favor for this type of activities.

The legends say that Ponta do Ouro is so called because the first Portuguese explorers were amazed by the golden glow of its beaches, thinking that they had discovered gold dunes. But the golden color comes from the sunshine that focuses on the white beaches of that coastal area of ​​Mozambique.

Traveling from Maputo to Ponta do Ouro is estimated at a distance of 122km which means that driving at the speed of 100km per hour in an hour and a half you are already there.

Getting from Maputo is very easy now with the new Maputo-Katembe bridge. You will find two tolls during this journey and you will cross the Maputo Special Reserve, where with a little luck you will be able to see wild animals, such as giraffes, impalas, elephants…

In addition to being a beach with the sea that shines like gold, very clean and blue in color, there is a tonne of things to do in Ponta do Ouro. It offers the following entertainment: beach, sunbathing, reading, yoga, surfing, kayaking, diving, relaxation, massages on the beach, 4-wheels motorbikes, boat trips, ocean safaris, sunrises and sunsets, swimming with dolphins, restaurants and good hotels.

In the center of the village, there are clothes shops made of curtain fabrics, so cute! Other clothes are made of capulana (typical Mozambican blanket) from the feet to the head, like trousers, skirts, dresses and even bags. Here you can find any kind of clothes and accessories, new and second-hand ones.

So, what are the best things to Ponta do Ouro?

  1. Beach: the beach offers various activities such as walking along the shores and look at the oceans where you can spot jumping whales. You can also use this huge space to play football, volleyball, cards…
  2. Sunbathing: you will find many shadows ready to be rented –you pay for 500 Meticals for the full day– and where you can leave your things (personal items, food and drinks), but if you like to be tanned, take advantage of the solar rays because the space is perfect for tanning.
  3. Reading: maybe you are passionate about reading, so roll out your towel, lie down and enjoy a good book while listening to the waves of the sea. We recommend going to the north shore of the beach (on your left) which is quieter.
  4. Yoga: this is the perfect place to stretch your muscles and to reconnect your soul to Infinite.
  5. Massages: on the southern shore you will see some women (professional massagers) with the proper beds for the massages. You can walk there or ask them to come to your place. They are very friendly and you can negotiate the price. One hour massage is around 1000 Meticals (15 USD).
  6. Landscaping: sunrises are magical down here, especially because you are facing directly to the sun when it comes out, so if you have the opportunity, arrive early there or wake up early and wait for the big burning ball. And sunsets are also awesome; look for a high place to enjoy it when cuddling the savanna. This, surely, can not be excluded of our list of things to do in Ponta do Ouro.
  7. 4-wheels motorbikes or quads: red and blue quads are around Ponta do Ouro. Talk to the boys owning those vehicles and rent them one hour and drive freely all the way north to visit other lodges and hotels in the way to Ponta Malongane, or just to feel free in the wild. One full day is around 4.000 Meticals (around 65 USD).
  8. Water sports: surfing, kayaking, diving, boat trips, ocean safaris, swimming with dolphins… You can dive with variety of fish, which is amazing, as these waters host dolphins, sharks, whale-sharks, turtles, whales, mantas…  But you can also ride a jet ski if you feel brave enough, surfing the waves and enjoying this blue clean paradise. More options: there are boats for taking you to wonderful areas in the sea, looking for animals in an incredible ocean safari, encountering with dolphins and swimming with them in a unique experience in these transparent and blue waters or just enjoying a magical sunset. 
  9. Seafood experience: the restaurants in Ponta do Ouro are built in the top of the mountains and dune and on flat lands with views of the sea. Meals here are prepared with a lot of love and any seafood dish you chose will be delicious, such as clams, prawns, squids, lobsters and any fish of the day. There are many good restaurants, so you chose then one catching your attention on the seafront.
  10. Holiday: many places to stay in Ponta do Ouro, since fully equipped houses (self-catering units) until private rooms in hotels and lodges. Prices start at around 60 $ for one night. Some of the accommodation places are marvelous, like houses built in the top of the mountains with stunning views of the sea and of the savanna with endless swimming pools. For accommodation, you can check, Google task bar and Airbnb. Or the best option: choosing us to organize a nice package to you. Just one recommendation when booking by yourself: when you look for accommodations at Ponta do Ouro, pay attention that your place is at Ponta do Ouro and not in Ponta Malongane, because there are many common misunderstandings with this issue. Ponta Malongane is located above Ponta do Ouro, up north. Both places are very close but you will need a VERY GOOD 4×4 to reach any place there, like the quads we suggested to rent.

Just to finish these things to do in Ponta do Ouro, we would to add something else: Metical, Rand and Dollar are the currencies well accepted down there, specially the two first ones. Didn’t you have time to exchange into these currencies? Do not worry, as you can pay by card in many places and also withdraw money in the village. And according to safety, you can relax your brain, as Ponta do Ouro is a place where you will find friendly people and a real family.

Ponta do Ouro is the beach receiving more visits down here, and those who go for the first time always come back.

Enjoy yourself!

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