What do I need to travel to Mozambique?

what do i need to travel to mozambique

Already made Your mind regarding Your next travel destination, so you must be asking yourself “What do I need to travel to Mozambique?”… Worry not! We prepared a nice list about what is required.

So, “what do I Need to travel to Mozambique?”

  1. Visa. This is the only mandatory aspect you must take care of. If you don’t have a visa, you will not enter the country. Contact the Embassy of Mozambique in your country and find out what you need. Normally, if you have friends or family here, you only need an invitation letter from there explaining how long you will be here and saying they will host you; that letter together with your flight ticket are enough to get the visa. But if you are staying in a hotel, show your hotel booking together with the flight ticket to submit your visa. Those documents will be always demanded to get the visa. Prices change all the time, but normally at the airport and at the land border, a single entry visa is 50 USD. If you are planning to visit our neighbor countries (Eswatini and South Africa) ask for a multiple entry visa.
  2. Malaria treatment. It’s up to you if you want to follow a treatment. We advise not to do it, because those treatments are very aggressive and sometimes can disrupt your holiday; and they are only preventive treatment, this is, you can still get sick from malaria and fight the parasite after it will be more difficult. It is an option but, taking the risk of confusing the side effects of the medication with the symptoms of the disease, personally, is not included in what I need to travel to Mozambique. If you decide not to, bring clothes to protect your legs and arms during the dark hours and use repellent.
  3. Cash and card. Cards are accepted in many places (Visa and Master Card), but sometimes some services will only be payable by cash.
  4. Clothes for Summer and Autumn. Weather is very nice the whole year long, but sometimes nights can be quite cool, or a storm comes and suddenly gets cold. 

Dive equipment. If you are a diver, Mozambique is the cradle for diving, so consider bringing your own equipment if you have it, otherwise, you can rent any in many places.

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