February 2020
Those who know Mozambique talk about its more than two thousand kilometers of beaches, but in reality, if we follow the coast from end to end, from Rovuma to Maputo (as the national hymn sings) there are more than 4000 thousand kilometers of sand washed by the Indian Ocean, and therefore, the possibilities of enjoying...
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Maputo special reserve tour
Mother Nature was a great artist when created life. We try to understand her by invading her privacy, looking for answers to our infinite curiosity, questioning her works of art and, many times, we simply forget to enjoy her and contemplate her beauty, reflected at it’s best by the Mozambique animals and ecosystem we can...
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Things to do in vilanculos
Discover 9 things to do in Vilanculos, that you really, can not miss while exploring the area. Of the many coastline towns of Mozambique, Vilanculos boasts the largest accumulation of tourist-centric facilities and services. There are a number of cafes, restaurants and shops that cater for tourists and locals alike. Vilanculos also serves as the...
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