June 2020
best restaurants in maputo
In this short list of the best restaurants in Maputo we left out some very good options. The gastronomic offer of the city and the quality of the restaurants is very high. Best restaurants in Maputo: the top 9 We have chosen only 9 restaurants that will leave your mouth watering to come back and...
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Best Seafood Restaurants in Maputo
We must say that it’s quite difficult for us to choose, amongst the big list, the best seafood restaurants in Maputo, as quality shows a high level in general, so here some of our recommendations. Our choise of the best seafood restaurants in Maputo Mercado do peixe We started our choice with the Fish Market...
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mozambique dishes and gastronomy
Picture the best mixture between Indian and Portuguese food. Now spice it up with a bit of Arab influence. And finally, pick only the most fresh and biological ingredients you can find (mostly sea food and vegetables). There you go, that is what you’ll find the best Mozambique dishes. By having over 3000 kms of...
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